welcome to my ~.works page


TildeWorks, it just works. And I'm glad you still do! You are the last of the 7 tilde servers I still have access too, and I've been posting a unique blog in every single one of you. I'm so happy to have seven web pages to post about various nothings that flutter in my mind at any moment. As I've been telling the other web servers, I have an Alphasmart Dana now that I'm very excited to use. I hope it will help me ramp up my blogging potential! Well I have to go now, but thanks for being around Tilde-Works. I'll be happy to use you hopefully starting Monday!


Still trying to keep the blogging goals alive. Obviously I'm not very good at it, and it's not like I take the time to post anything meaningful here. But I'm making some noise, giving the server some love. And wondering where I'm going from here for the rest of the day. I'm learning a lot about C++ right now. I'm learning some advanced stuff that I've never used in the langauge. I'm learning that C++ templates are a Turing complete language in itself, and can be used for some fancy metaprogramming. And I'm learning about higher order functions and what the newest specification for the language give me. I'm also learning more about the language through a website called codewars.com. Lots of languages for me to learn there and I don't have to waste local hard disk space installing them either. They have their own server side compilers that test your code. It's all pretty awesome looking. The first problem is already making me look stuff up about C++.


Memory storage capacity for my account on Tilde.works is limited so I was not able to install perlbrew and PDL. Bummer, but I think I can still have fun writing in this server. Maybe if it manages to survive another year the admins will graciously give more disk space for projects.


Tildeworks is pretty quiet right now. I don't see anyone else online besides myself. I've been writing in my notebooks a lot, studying a lot, being a dad a lot. There is a lot of reading for me to do as well. I'm trying to finish reading Little Bee by Chris Cline. I'm more than halfway done with it. It's an interesting story but I'm going to sell the book at the used bookstore when I'm done. There is also a bunch of science fiction magazines that I need to get through. I'm listening to Joe Gould's Teeth while I drive around. I hope to finish that book soon. I finished The Quantum Thief by Hannu Rajaniemi recently. I am surprised that the library only has audiobooks for his first and third novels in this series. I wonder why they don't have The Fractal Prince available. Anyways I was so interested in Hannu's hard scifi writing that I bought his collected short fiction book at the local used bookstore. A great deal for a rare book.

I hope to write some short stories soon. I have an idea for a good one right now that I want to work on. The tentative title is Everybody's Changing And I Just Stay The Same. Which is an ironic title because the lead protagonist does not physically stay the same.


Thank you for keeping this shell account alive after so many other's have died. It's a testament to your dedication and sense of vision that this service continues to be available to little people like myself. Thank you very much for keeping this server alive!


I'm writing this blog entry today from the comfort of my own home, using and ancient IBM PC Server 320 with 32 MB of RAM and a single Pentium 90 MHz processor. I'm running on NetBSD 3.3 and it's a smooth setup. No hiccups as I move a huge file from one partition to another and still log onto tildeworks for a little blogging update.

But really I should be studying. So with no further adieu, I will end this blog post so I can read more about assembly lines.


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Started working on making a kickstarter page for the human body simulation idea. So far I'm just coming up with the plan. I also started a blog for people to keep track of our progress. The blog is here: humanbiosim.blogspot.com


Today I've been thinking about simulating the human body on a computer. There are many resources available for me to start working on that subject right now. So far I've downloaded WholeCell and got most of the test cases to pass on my laptop, but there are a few test cases that failed and need to be investigated before I can even begin to believe that the simulated output from that software is realistic in any way.

Look. This is a little embarassing but there's nothing here. You should ssh in and edit ~/public_html/index.html